About Us

Let’s see what and who is Vovidi? ­čÖé
Vovidi blog idea arised from the difficulties we had while planning our own trips.┬áMajority of the travel blogs give general information about a place via long posts which requires a lot of time to digest.┬áSometimes you read the whole thing and in the end you realise this was not something you were looking for.┬áWhile we were trying to get most accurate information about the city we’ll visit, we are also trying use our travel planning time effectively.┬áWe even tried using our offline times for travel planning which resulted in lots of print outs in plane ­čÖé
As a dancer couple who loves travelling more than anything, our requirement was simple, we want accurate information in a short time.┬áActually the solution to our problem was short informative (not advertorials) videos about a specific location as precise as possible.┬áVideos in youtube is not good enough for travel planning since it doesn’t give me accurate location information.┬áGoogle maps is not good either because it’s main purpose is to help you find your way, not enough informational.┬áSince we couldn’t find a good website that solves our problem, we decided to provide the travel blog in our mind to help other travellers.
Vovidi aims to give the most accurate information about a specific point. That’s why we built Vovidi as a location and video based blog.┬áOur short informative videos with short explanations and travel tips are pinned on the map at exact location that are recorded. So what you see will be what you get in real life. Not more, not less. ­čÖé
Besides the video content and short information posts, we try to give links to most relevant pages for you to get extra information if you wish. By the time you watched our Vlog, and read our blog, you’ll have an idea about the place and you can dig deeper to get more information.
So let’s discover the places with us before you go, save time and enjoy! ­čÖé

about us