As a woman who travels a lot, I can say that being comfortable is one of the most important things to enjoy your trip. If you are suffering from your shoes, if your bag is too heavy or if your clothes are disturbing you, then it is not easy to relax and enjoy the journey.

In this post, I will list the stuff that accompanies me during most of my travels and never let me down. I hope this will help you to do a comfortable journey.



Sketchers! Sketchers and Sketchers! I believe shoes are the most important thing for a comfortable journey. Bad shoe choice can ruin your trip and makes you uncomfortable and unhappy. Sketchers are the comfiest shoes of the world!

I like discovering cities by walking, if the city is not so big, I usually don’t use any public transportation. Therefore sometimes I walk all day long from 8 a.m to 11 pm. Sketchers never let me down because they are both light and flexible. Moreover, gel base of the shoe makes you really happy.

Another nice fact about this brand is Sketchers has a different shoe type for each season. You can prefer sandals for summer, sneakers for spring and waterproof boots for the winter. I have three of them. By the way, my sneakers are black and they also look elegant so I also use them in daily life and it suits most of my clothes. I especially suggest you have one black Sketchers.


I believe being comfortable with the bag is the second most important thing for a woman travels a lot. First of all, If you like walking, the best option is to choose a backpack. Don’t think that it is too sportive. It is possible to be stylish with a backpack also. The brands that I like are Crosslandy, Jansport, Sketchers and Nike. Nowadays they create many cool models and I’m sure you can find something suits you. Whatever you choose, just be sure that it is very light. As a bonus, I suggest you choose a waterproof one.


If you are planning a trip for 3 days and less(for me up to 5 days), forget about big suitcases with tires. 30-40 lt outdoor backpack will be enough to cover your needs unless you are trying to pack unnecessary things for a short trip.

There are many benefits of having a backpack instead of a suitcase. For example, your flight is in the evening and you checked out from your hotel. Having a backpack will set you free. You don’t need to find a space to leave your luggage and pay for it. You can continue your trip with your bag. Try this, you won’t regret.


This part is only for ladies. Girls, I think it is time to get rid of your skinny jeans or uncomfortable chic pants. Tights are the best! there are millions of colours and models that you can choose but try to find a one with a fabric that breaths well. So that you won’t sweat. The brands I can suggest you for a comfortable journey are Nike and Adidas. As a bonus, I can suggest you a cool tracksuit which is more like tights. The brand is Domyos and I’m sharing the exact model that you can also use in your daily life.


According to researches people wearing sunglasses especially in the morning feels more confident and happier. One of the basic reason is that if you squint, it creates stress and anxiousness. You will be much more comfortable with the glasses. On the other hand, using sunglass makes you more stylish, and you don’t need to worry about your make up in the travel photos.

Sunglasses are the indispensable piece of my travels. I am a fan of Ray- Ban but I also like mirrored sunglasses of Micheal Kors. Here are the models that I can suggest.


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